Amazing fun filled experience watching a Rooftop Cubs Game


It was the last weekend of the year and I and my team mates in office decided to make a team outing and wanted to make it a very unique experience and also a memorable one. Some of the best baseball clubs were happening in the city as most of us was baseball fans we did not want to miss them too. Hence we thought of reserving tickets to watch the most awaited premier baseball match of the year. In order to surprise my entire team I made it a rooftop event which was also an exclusive reservation that no other group were to be present though I knew it was luxurious I felt it’s worthy and was once in a life time. We had an amazing fun filled experience watching a rooftop Cubs game which I am sure no one in my team would ever experience in their entire lifetime. The twin delight that we had was that we witnessed a sensational game seated in a luxury heaven like star suite coupled with a best in class services.