Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia – Analysis

Ubisoft continues to exploit the goose that lays the golden eggs is the series Assassin’s Creed and presents this time the closure of its spin-offs Chronicles . A new 2D adventure, the third, which surprises us equally by its visual style and the risk that the French company has taken to incorporate new playable frequent profile. Is it enough to recommend its purchase? As for the strike freshness say that depend on each fan, since there who are tired of three episodic deliveries in less than a year and one will keep wanting more … But no need to stress that given the frequency by which it has bet there will be many more of the former than the latter.

The best, in fact, come when the two murderers overlap their chances and end up solving puzzles, they’re not bad levels that are resolved by stealth, and be raised again as mini – games puzzles themselves in what is still a hit from the start of the spin-offs Chronicles. The spirit remains the same, to maintain the essence of the parties we have to go unnoticed 3D games of the series, and deploy them with a lot of expertise in a formula 2.5D as offered in this sub-saga . Some parts are really smart, so it is very attractive study stage before.

With many more aesthetic and gameplay than the rest of the series Chronicles opportunities, it is a real pity that this Russia has been the worst of the three deliveries. With great artistic identity and some ideas that, on paper, were extraordinary, the game ends offering an uneven hodgepodge in which only half of its ingredients bring great things.

The fact that more than one character helps improve interest.

It is a real beauty, and its visual style perfectly blends with Russian theme.

There are many elements of innovation, but most are not well implemented.

A narrative level is the worst of the trilogy, and had the potential to perform much better.

The difficulty is not good calibrated, causing a lot of frustration.

Duration: 8 hours

Players: 1