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Sony feels “very reasonable” with the price of PlayStation VR

The Japanese company Sony has finished taking the virtual reality helmet cheapest in the market. The boss of the PlayStation division in Europe, Jim Ryan , said the British medium MCV that the company feels “very comfortable” with the final price of the device, 399.99 euros in European territory, with an estimated launch next October.

Of course, the entrepreneur has gone further: “It is obvious decisions in which we firmly believe and we always try to represent always a price to match the value of the product, and we think that is what has been done with PlayStation VR.”. On the successful premiere of reserves, Ryan says, “they have exceeded initial expectations” of the company.

English medium wanted to know if Sony will be able to address what seems a high demand for PlayStation VR by users, and Ryan has not been able to confirm this : “It ‘s hard to say , ” he said, and would like to “be careful” with this case. Nor he confirmed the arrival of the pack and helmet camera Moves, as if it’s been in the American territory.

The PlayStation VR arrive in October, but it will tubeless an essential accessory for operation. Sony is expected to be able to restock stores with new units of PlayStation and PlayStation Move Camera in the coming months.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia – Analysis

Ubisoft continues to exploit the goose that lays the golden eggs is the series Assassin’s Creed and presents this time the closure of its spin-offs Chronicles . A new 2D adventure, the third, which surprises us equally by its visual style and the risk that the French company has taken to incorporate new playable frequent profile. Is it enough to recommend its purchase? As for the strike freshness say that depend on each fan, since there who are tired of three episodic deliveries in less than a year and one will keep wanting more … But no need to stress that given the frequency by which it has bet there will be many more of the former than the latter.

The best, in fact, come when the two murderers overlap their chances and end up solving puzzles, they’re not bad levels that are resolved by stealth, and be raised again as mini – games puzzles themselves in what is still a hit from the start of the spin-offs Chronicles. The spirit remains the same, to maintain the essence of the parties we have to go unnoticed 3D games of the series, and deploy them with a lot of expertise in a formula 2.5D as offered in this sub-saga . Some parts are really smart, so it is very attractive study stage before.

With many more aesthetic and gameplay than the rest of the series Chronicles opportunities, it is a real pity that this Russia has been the worst of the three deliveries. With great artistic identity and some ideas that, on paper, were extraordinary, the game ends offering an uneven hodgepodge in which only half of its ingredients bring great things.

The fact that more than one character helps improve interest.

It is a real beauty, and its visual style perfectly blends with Russian theme.

There are many elements of innovation, but most are not well implemented.

A narrative level is the worst of the trilogy, and had the potential to perform much better.

The difficulty is not good calibrated, causing a lot of frustration.

Duration: 8 hours

Players: 1

Street Fighter V – for Arcade Game Lovers

Capcom fighting lands on PlayStation 4 and PC in order to become the standard-bearer of the genre. Street Fighter V has indisputably interesting foundation, but it is an insurmountable barrier for users to cross the fearful blows with strangers online barrier. For everything else, coaches and trains: the Capcom Cup is the top.

The truth is that Street Fighter 5 arrives on the market with zero content for the lone wolf. Capcom seems to want to obliterate. Although in March will receive the challenge mode and story mode in June (all for free and at no extra cost, of course), the reality is that the fifth installment of Street Fighter has eluded even the arcade mode. There is no way to play a game against the machine beyond the poor survival mode , training against the CPU or insufficient history that has been included.

Get ready for some action
The quality of the generation of two-dimensional struggle is all out in the current generation. All manufacturers have fallen short when it comes to resurrect their franchise or return them to run on the new circuitries. Capcom, how could it be otherwise, so it has been in terms of the mechanical: it has respected all the bases to make a video game in a Street Fighter, and with the height taken by the series in recent times is worth flattery.

visual spectacle; nostalgic sound
The visual style of Street Fighter has been respected to the maximum, including new costumes and appearances for some of the heavyweights of the franchise live up to expectations. Over the years he has sat well with many of the fighters displayed with older design and Ken , although successful, has not left anyone indifferent. The scenarios are varied and suitable both their designs and possibilities, offering, in some cases, funny situations for losers and glory to the victors.

A comprehensive review of what it means to be a Street Fighter
risky mechanics that have finished running

Crossplay between platforms: a competitive community united for the first time

Street Fighter V will be playable during the whole generation without having to buy new versions Super or Ultra

It is not a game for users who do not compete: go short of offline content

Absolute absence of tools to learn the real basis of competitive

No details of the future made some big content or form for free access

Duration: Priceless

Players: 1-2 (Competitive: 2, online and local)

Language: Texts in Spanish and English voices / Japanese

Far Cry Primal for X Box and PS4 – Complete Analysis

You wanted an open world set in prehistoric times? Were you looking to have an army of animals to your service? You longed for a game that will transmit all visceralidad of cavemen fighting fiercely for their lives? Far Cry back thousands of years to renew their appearance and gameplay possibilities. What about time travel Primal? What you have.

When it was announced Far Cry: Primal was some doubt among fans. In the first instance because it wanted very much a game about the stone age signed by the imaginative studies Ubisoft and shocked to be introduced within the brand Far Cry , and secondly because the saga of action did little less than a year and a half he had launched its latest installment … And the player begins to suspect any mark showing a predetermined frequency, however good the results. However once we put hands on him seems very logical that the title is framed within the franchise, not only because it draws some power elements but also because many other leading them to their land.

The fact is that the French company facing a videogame about prehistory is always exciting, and the result is as interesting as expected. It is perfect? No, actually far from it, yet has enough elements of interest and sufficient emphasis on providing innovation to deserve very much worth if what we want is a different sandbox to what is customary in the market these moments.

The main missions have an interest ranging much of the gameplay mechanics entering each. Which are more relevant and have a certain tactical component as to the possibilities of combat are often more attractive than others, and occasionally Ubisoft Montreal is removed from the sleeve a formula to revive our interest in the joint either offering something different like climbing a commission to find, for example, a given plant on top of a mountain or to introduce a gameplay mechanics such as using hook or a given domesticated animal of unique features. On the other hand there are many other more lazy to do a favor this or that character and much less transcendent importance, and end up composing a somewhat more irregular than the previous episodes of the franchise set.

Primal is a delivery for the popular saga of Ubisoft opens a new way forward in terms of time and possibilities. Since then it has lacked spark and regularity in the campaign, only offer the program, so that the game is up to the rest of episodes of the Far Cry series, however this is a very unique approach and getting us feel inside Stone Age as seldom have seen in a video game.

Soaking in a prehistoric world is an experience

The formula and the particular sandbox Far Cry fit the context

Taming animals and many other elements that give personality

The body part to the combat system is not up to the rest

Some irregularity in missions: Some are great, others leave to be desired

Duration: 20-30 hours (minimum)

Players: 1

Language: Texts and voices in Spanish “language wenja”

TrackMania Turbo – PC Game Review – Also available for PS4 & X-Box


Loops impossible, insane maneuvers and unwise passion for the most dangerous speed. The veteran Trackmania family landed in computers and next-generation consoles with a new stem, crazier, bigger and wilder than ever. If you want a hassle-speed, armed with skill around the release and the fight against the clock, Turbo does not disappoint.

e saga Trackmania is one of the references in the arcade world speed. Needless to say, can not hobnob in popularity with series like Need for Speed, for example, but if he is able to bring together thousands of fans around their crazy tracks, his frantic proposed driving and his amazing tricks and magic movements. Watching someone play a series title draws attention, and awakened an unusual interest is accompanied by a rapid entry into its foundations, controls and management practices that helps extend these positive feelings. With the start so spectacular and furious scene comes this Trackmania Turbo PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, wanting to broaden their range of public a little further and out of reach of many people as possible their arcade speed so crazy .

How about this delivery called Turbo? This is a remarkable game of speed that seems simple in appearance, in fact even in the background is, but hidden inside a plethora of possibilities thanks mainly to the fact that features a track editor loaded with options next to reproduce the true spirit of the franchise, a triple C: Create, share and compete. Develop circuits full of impossible challenges, and publish them for the enjoyment of the monstrous community that lives, breathes and Trackmania oozes from pore.