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NFS Most Wanted 2016 for PC – Review

Need for Speed ​​months debuts later PC with a port that aims to end the questionable decisions he was taking leave in their version compatible. A highly scalable unlocked frames and version, high resolutions, this delivery is a new reboot of the franchise.

Need for Speed ​​has not made ​​it easy for computer gamers in recent years. Limitations in the version for PC were evident, especially in terms of the rate of frames per second, the franchise strangely obsessed by block at 30 fps. Some frames also were with the game clock, making it virtually impossible any unlocking by experienced users. But this new Need For Speed ​​aims to do things right from the start, unblocking the frame rate and also offering high resolutions for those players who want to get more out of the new monitors above 1920×1080.

So whether you have a screen 4K or ultrapanorámico monitor 21: 9, the game fits perfectly without any external program. The frame rate can also play with blocked frames to 30, if we can not or we do not mind that extra softness and prefer to climb the graphics options. Some options that do not have much impact in terms of performance, with the ambient occlusion and smoothing the more resources use, offering SSAO and HBAO for occlusion and FXAA and TAA for antialiasing. Despite support 4K resolutions, has not allowed us from the original configuration to increase the resolution for downsampling.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize the vertical sync . Need for Speed ​​uses many cinematics for movies, without the active synchronization, all FMVs will have the effect of “split – screen” that produces its deactivation, so we recommend that the option to remain on if you have problems with cutscenes.

TrackMania Turbo – PC Game Review – Also available for PS4 & X-Box


Loops impossible, insane maneuvers and unwise passion for the most dangerous speed. The veteran Trackmania family landed in computers and next-generation consoles with a new stem, crazier, bigger and wilder than ever. If you want a hassle-speed, armed with skill around the release and the fight against the clock, Turbo does not disappoint.

e saga Trackmania is one of the references in the arcade world speed. Needless to say, can not hobnob in popularity with series like Need for Speed, for example, but if he is able to bring together thousands of fans around their crazy tracks, his frantic proposed driving and his amazing tricks and magic movements. Watching someone play a series title draws attention, and awakened an unusual interest is accompanied by a rapid entry into its foundations, controls and management practices that helps extend these positive feelings. With the start so spectacular and furious scene comes this Trackmania Turbo PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, wanting to broaden their range of public a little further and out of reach of many people as possible their arcade speed so crazy .

How about this delivery called Turbo? This is a remarkable game of speed that seems simple in appearance, in fact even in the background is, but hidden inside a plethora of possibilities thanks mainly to the fact that features a track editor loaded with options next to reproduce the true spirit of the franchise, a triple C: Create, share and compete. Develop circuits full of impossible challenges, and publish them for the enjoyment of the monstrous community that lives, breathes and Trackmania oozes from pore.