Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – For PC or Mac – Review

Ability to choose. Plants or zombies – Single, multiplayer or split screen? For the continuation of Garden Warfare, the proposal is simple but very powerful: that we are the ones who decide. More options game, character classes and delivery possibilities in a zombie state makes its predecessor.

It is fortunate that titles like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 understand this reality. Not only it puts the turbo to distance himself from his previous delivery , assuming an improvement at all levels. It is also concerned about providing content to both the solo player as to who enjoys online or sit with a friend or family on the couch. The game should not be the one who decides how you should play. So grateful that PopCap Games has made ​​the effort to provide alternatives, that we are the ones responsible for deciding whether we want to be alone or in company (either online or split screen ).

This sequel is not perfect, because it does not offer that option of freedom for all modes and possibilities. However, it is going like a steamroller to the previous game, and not just on this issue. We are offered a small open world to explore, the number of secrets increases, minigames are added, there are new types of plants and zombies, the modalities are powerful injections of novelty … It is the “more and better” than you can expect a continuation. In fact, the word “below” may stay a little short …