Street Fighter V – for Arcade Game Lovers

Capcom fighting lands on PlayStation 4 and PC in order to become the standard-bearer of the genre. Street Fighter V has indisputably interesting foundation, but it is an insurmountable barrier for users to cross the fearful blows with strangers online barrier. For everything else, coaches and trains: the Capcom Cup is the top.

The truth is that Street Fighter 5 arrives on the market with zero content for the lone wolf. Capcom seems to want to obliterate. Although in March will receive the challenge mode and story mode in June (all for free and at no extra cost, of course), the reality is that the fifth installment of Street Fighter has eluded even the arcade mode. There is no way to play a game against the machine beyond the poor survival mode , training against the CPU or insufficient history that has been included.

Get ready for some action
The quality of the generation of two-dimensional struggle is all out in the current generation. All manufacturers have fallen short when it comes to resurrect their franchise or return them to run on the new circuitries. Capcom, how could it be otherwise, so it has been in terms of the mechanical: it has respected all the bases to make a video game in a Street Fighter, and with the height taken by the series in recent times is worth flattery.

visual spectacle; nostalgic sound
The visual style of Street Fighter has been respected to the maximum, including new costumes and appearances for some of the heavyweights of the franchise live up to expectations. Over the years he has sat well with many of the fighters displayed with older design and Ken , although successful, has not left anyone indifferent. The scenarios are varied and suitable both their designs and possibilities, offering, in some cases, funny situations for losers and glory to the victors.

A comprehensive review of what it means to be a Street Fighter
risky mechanics that have finished running

Crossplay between platforms: a competitive community united for the first time

Street Fighter V will be playable during the whole generation without having to buy new versions Super or Ultra

It is not a game for users who do not compete: go short of offline content

Absolute absence of tools to learn the real basis of competitive

No details of the future made some big content or form for free access

Duration: Priceless

Players: 1-2 (Competitive: 2, online and local)

Language: Texts in Spanish and English voices / Japanese